Achieving World Peace Now!

“Transition To 4th– Dimension Calls for Releasing of the Old 3-D Aspects of Self”


I would like to share with you of what I am experiencing as a vital individual process that my Soul is asking and ushering me to do as this very important time of the Spiritual evolution.  My sharing is for the purpose of encouraging  those who are wanting to grow through the aspects of themselves through Spiritual Healings, as they journey on Life’s Path to enlightenment.


Let us be proactive in taking the necessary steps toward the necessity of letting go of the 3-dimensionally embedded self.   We have strongly been conditioned to unknowingly accept false beliefs of our True value and therefore, our most precious Life Purpose.  Unknowingly, we have engaged in an inner self-monologue, emotions, behaviors and actions that continue to be cyclic in its self-defeating pattern.  Does Life require each…

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