Blue Dragon Journal

Palouse Falls

Note to Readers: This message came after a long hiatus. It took me getting back to my center and releasing all expectations and all fear. It also took me getting out of my own way, listening within and feeling the grins of my guides. They can be quite humorous and always are loving. Happy New Year, everyone!

The Council of Nine – Into a New Year and a New World

via Eliza Ayres

We are the Council of Nine.

Greetings!  Your world is now slipping quietly into a new phase, a new age. The age of domination through fear is over; the foundations of the old rigid three-dimensional matrix have been removed. The powers that were, are no longer the masters of the earth – you are, the collective you who is humanity, star-seeds of the galaxy.

We rejoice to find you now willing to let go of your old…

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