Crystal Connection 31 december 2012


Source Picture: , My artwork

Because of the end years feast and welcoming of the New Year we decided to do the meditation earlier.

I am walking through a snow blizzard and I don’t see where I am going. I see my higher self in front of me and we merge together. We blow some snow out of our hands and now the snow that is coming down is much slower. The snow that we blow of our hands goes into the air and starts creating first a DNA sequence and after that it is opening a portal. Pure bright yellow live giving light is coming true and is transforming the white winter world in slowly a green summery landscape. I see the eagle and the bear coming true and for a moment I was transformed into a wolf howling to the winter moon. Then we transform back into ourselves, higher self and me. Symbols are coming from the ring of the gate and are streaming into my third eye and higher heart. The streams goes on and I feel information being loaded up. Only we see a stream of white light as information. I feel my higher self saying goodbye and hugging/squeezing me inside, loving my heart and she leaves me. I am in the void, the dark…but it is calm in there. Warm and peaceful. I look at my moss agate stone and I see mother Earth, I go through layers and layers and dimensions and vibrations. I feel so connected to Mother Earth. End of meditation.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw Light, the Light was coming from the Portal and I absorbed as much as I could, I felt the energy circulating within my body , there was the eye /portal , there came some Beings of Light and I saw a Hand giving Light.

Note: Les, I felt the energy as if I was in the Ocean
Lisa, I used OLA , moss agate, Leos , amethyst cluster and ALGIZ near me while meditating

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