Crystal Connection 30 December 2012


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I can’t concentrate. I am meditating with my crystal and moss-agate. I make a connection with my higher self Arachanaï ,we are greeting each other, and she says not to worry and my family will be taken care of. I see a huge ice circle and in the ice I see blue and violet light emerging. The vision changes and I am inside of a big glass hall with crystals and greens etc of Abi-Qor. I meet you and Leslee and got following information, I see Machu Picchu and a Mayan priest doing the ceremony. I am linked to Machu Picchu, Machu Picchu is linked to Abi-Qor. Abi-Qor is linked to Leslee. Leslee is linked to Tauno. Tauno is linked to Giza and the sphinx and they are again connected with me. End meditation.

Note – Tauno

Hello dear Hearts
I could not meditate at 8:30 , my family gathered again and we had dinner and celebrated, there was a fantastic cake and I am sending to You sweet Rays of Light, I ate too much from everything, the Bear in me shows her character 🙂  .
Lisa, tomorrow I wont`t be able to meditate at 8:30 but I want to connect, what about 3:00pm/in the afternoon?/ I will try to connect
It is amazing information You have got from your meditation this evening, Now OLA shows me Giza pyramid!
Les, You are right about water and chanting, so true!
Love You both

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