A Message from my higher self Arachanaï

my higher self ArachanaiThis is the first time I am channeling, this is my first ever channeling of my higher self. I was a bit weary to post it but I got confirmation from a sweet lady that I trust 100%  that the message I received is genuine and not my ego speaking. Yesterday after I was reading Steve Beckow’s article: Bliss Rising I got this message written down.

Since I was reading the Ascension papers from Zingdad 4 years ago, I always felt the connection of my higher self on the 5th dimension and the knowing I already had ascended, I only had to work to change my perception of it. After the portal opening on 21st December I felt this connecting growing, getting more intense and feeling more closer than ever. Since last week my higher self came through stronger and stronger…and yesterday I felt so compelled to write the message I was knowing in my heart. I also received now that my higher self also resides in the 6th and 7th dimension.

A Message from my higher self Arachanaï (I didn’t know at the time, but the painting Ascension I made is depicting my higher self in 6th dimension)

I am a gatekeeper. I ascended long time ago but I felt the need to express that I came back to fulfill my destiny to keep the gate open for others to Ascend. I am currently also in the 5th dimension, but I needed my awareness in the 3rd then and now 4th dimension, to keep the light and the vibrations high. Right now I am in between worlds, mostly in 4th, keeping my center, keeping my vibrations high, keeping my light and energy so that we can all ascend. The heart is the way to the New Earth, a place you are all yearning for. A place of extreme beauty and love. I am Arachanaï, Lisa’s higher self , connecting with her , helping her in her mission to keep the gates open and to open the portals to multidimensional probabilities. Ascension is happening, your vibrations getting higher, your bodies are becoming more crystalline and absorbing more energy…keep on going…lift yourself up to the world you envisioned for your self. We are all waiting for you to come home. Love Arachanaï .

10 responses to “A Message from my higher self Arachanaï

  1. Thank you KP, I really appreciate this, even though I wasn’t sure if it was true or just my ego speaking. But I have to built in that discernment by doing this more , I guess… and I hope it get’s a bit easier to trust what you write.

    Happy New Year KP

  2. At last, is good to see others trust their inner guidance and deciding to extarnalize it through things like channeling. Much Love to you, dear Lisa and thank you and Arachanai for the wonderful message<3.

  3. Hi Tauno, thanks for everything and we almost beginning a new chapter, a new year, with all wonders to come…it will be better then 2012. The new year is just around the corner… I wish you a Happy New Year and I now all your expectations will come true.

    Love Lisa

  4. Hi premilana, your message touched my heart and I want to give you a message as well, from me and my higher self. You are never alone, even though you can’t perceive your guides / angels/ twin flame or higher self yet, they speak to you to synchronizations, thing that your read, leading you to certain articles that you read…
    It also took me a long time to just trust that channeling would be OK…that I can trust what comes true, of course with discernment always on. I love you too and you are never alone… only that say that you have made me a new friend. Sending lots of light and energy to raise your vibrations to here your guides. Trust in yourself and because the 21-12-2012 opened a new portal to possibilities, getting in touch with your twin-flame, guides, angels and higher self is more closer then ever and more reliable.

    Love you with all my heart Lisa

  5. Dear Lisa, this is connected with the dream had last night, perhaps I was with You in the elevator, I remember that me and my sister were students and we were going home for the Christmas holiday
    We locked the door of our room of the 6th floor of a youth house and got the elevator to get down
    Unfortunately there came three arrogant girls and they also used the elevator, they could not close the door of the elevator and were getting down with us while I was watching the holes between the floors of the buildings and one of the girls just grinned and jumped and was talking unpleasant words
    I prayed this to come to end soon and counted the floors that remain to reach the first floor
    The elevator turned into a train and I saw the town and the snow that was partly covered the way
    Love and Light

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