Crystal Connection 27 December 2012

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It is dark and I am standing on an open place. I don’t see but I feel that there are people standing next to me. It is a warm night and as I look up I see hundreds of little balloons lit up with candles and float into the air. Beautiful sight. I grab a bigger one and it lifts me up in the air. As I get higher I look down and see candles lit up on the ground making different sizes of heart shapes. I go higher and higher through the clouds. I see an eagle up close flying over Abi-Qor. Through my third eye I see again a vortex coming down, in a spiral yellow energy into my heart and from my heart a bunch of butterflies fly up into the new earth. I see a field of millions of violet flowers where the butterflies descend. End of meditation. Yesterday when we went out with the car we saw hundreds of white butterflies flying over, was beautiful to see. It is so amazing that my key visions yesterday described  perfectly what you saw.

Crystal Connection  – Tauno

I was under fear mood before the meditation, I just wanted to relax and
to overcome / transmute this feeling, so I did the meditation using sound, BA RA SHEM KA and White Gold Alchemy meditations
I saw Hathor , the Being was Golden and somehow I connected Hathor with the Spinx.
I found myself on a road to other dimension, it was dark as if I was in Space and the road was long before me, on the right there was the Sun, on the left – the Moon, I felt LIGHT while these energies combined, then I saw Jeshua in the Light , another Ascended Being was performing a Light giving and I saw beams of Light that were coming from my Heart, I just Shined and it was a really strong and uplifting experience. I saw Hathor again and I received a message to connect with Cobra, I have information to share and advice to receive

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