Crystal Connection 26 December 2012

celtic cross

Source picture:

I had a hard time to connect. Saw only an Celtic Cross, will post a picture tomorrow. And i saw two mountain peeks and green landscape. Then I hit the void and as last I felt the guides and angels surrounding me and I felt peace.

Crystal Connection  – Tauno

I expressed my intent to connect with Lisa from the core of My Heart.
I entered in, into the sphere of my Heart and I saw an Angel there – my Angelic Self and this Higher Self was in a wonderful palace of many colors and I followed My Angelic Self in a corridor towards a huge Hall for gatherings, in this corridor there were some Higher Beings and My Angelic Self embraced one of them. I went out of this palace as a Huge Dove, I flew over the Earth, over the mountain where the Bear and the Wolf were waiting for me.
I was flying over a town where many poor people live, a town from a past life of mine perhaps and gave the people my Presence and Sparks from my Heart. Then I was in a wonderful garden by a river, the Sun was shining bright and there were green trees there
I sent Love and Light in all directions

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