Crystal Connection 24th and 25th of December 2012

new earth

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24 December 2012

As I was having a great time at dinner at Christmas time, I just set my intent to keep my third eye open and connecting with Tauno like that. When I saw 20.30 pm, our meditation time, I felt a vortex coming down on me, through my crown chakra, through my heart and whole body. What an amazing feeling.

25 December 2012

I made a connection with Tauno and I saw her sweet angelic face/spirit  I felt my heart expanding and expanding. I felt my heart expanding, my vibrations raising, I made a connection with my higher self, and i could feel/see almost new earth, i felt like I could disappear and step into the new world, just a higher vibration away. I felt the connection again with my crystal and the energy became bigger and bigger until I was in a bubble of light. End of meditation.  I also had this feeling of new earth a higher vibration away this afternoon. Then I felt some energy coming out from my crystal stone, and it went bigger and bigger, until I was in an energy bubble.

Note: Since that experience with the moon, I feel different. I don’t if I am right but it seems that the moon is closer to earth, i can see more detail of the moon. I also get this vision of the moon very very close too earth, rising up in the east and a feeling of new earth rising, it feels so real.Then I felt like New Earth was so near, I only had to change my perception on it. It was almost in my vibrational reach… but it seems I still have to raise my vibrations to see it more physical. I also had this feeling during that day. 

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