Crystal Connection 23 December 2012

city of light

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I first see a face of a woman ( later on I see this woman as… drawn by Tauno) I see myself drifting, levitated in the air and I am connected to tubes. They are working on my physical body. An energy spiral is going through and over my body, healing me on multiple levels. The vision changes and I am meditating , lying on my back in the crystal pool. But the pool has an extra addition , it has also diamonds in it. The crystal pool covers all the space inside the double pyramid, that I have under control and fly with. I am opening a portal to a possible future and I see: myself sitting in front of the TV and looking at amazing news coverage about light cities that appeared in the sky. I also got a possible date , but I feel because everything is fluid , not to mention it here. On the end of the meditation I saw silver confetti coming down.

Crystal Connection  – Tauno

As I closed my eyes I saw a Sphere of LIGHT, strong Golden Light and a Portal, There were beams of Light from the Sphere
I saw how a huge tide was coming to me, like a tsunami of Light, the Light was like an ocean and the waves were Huge and Powerful, this Light flooded the land and saw more Light above, the sky was Golden.
I wondered if i am connected with Lisa, I called “Lisa, are you there” – I saw an wolf/dog turned with its left side towards me
I saw Ray of Golden Light coming down to the surface along the trunk of a tree, the tree reached the sky and the whole trunk was shining from the Light, then HERA appeared again, this was the Female Blue Being that I saw in two of my previous meditations. I asked Her about her name and received HERA ” I come from Elven Realms of 6th dimension and I am here to watch and to stand by You, so that to encourage You to keep on going your wonderful path of Light”

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