Crystal Connection 21-12-12

white ball

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I made a connection with Tauno, but I only saw Earth as a white, bright ball of white light.

Crystal Connection  – Tauno

I saw energy threads coming from Space to Us, Blue/Grey color. Crackles in the black space and behind the crackles that were like a broken window/triangular, rectangular irregular forms/ there were shining the WHITE LIGHTS of the new dimension, Pure White Light
And a Being , a female from other Planet, today I saw a female too in my meditation, She was Angel like and appeared behind the clouds on Earth, She was just beyond the curtain and was walking in a garden.
Now I saw another female Being, human like. OLA showed me Ascended Master and behind Him in the distance there was another figure, perhaps the student, I felt the master was Jeshua. I saw Giza Pyramid, the Great Pyramid was on the surface and over it was the same Giza Pyramid but the upper pyramid was in the air firmly above the other that was on the surface. I was in the mountains again and saw the end of the path, the rock had an end and below there was the abyss, then clouds, white clouds and the new land in the distance like an island in the sea of clouds. Everything that I saw /the mountain and the rock and clouds/ was a vision projected to me by the Pyramid, as if the Pyramid was a Huge Cinema and inside there was the whole mountain and other things I saw

Note: Lisa, I saw You and your baby daughter that was sitting on the floor and playing and then she looked upwards
Then I saw myself deep in the ocean following a shark, a huge blue shark

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