Crystal Connection 20 December 2012


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I connect and I see fire works and confetti and celebrations. I see earth expanding in light and burst into a bright ball, I see earth going higher dimension. I am on my ship managing the energy of earth and everyone on it… And I am managing the portals too. I can feel my light body growing, it is huge, i still can feel my light body , it is huge.

Note as I was doing this meditation. And later I was reading an article of Stephen Cook, December 21 and Ascension: Definitions, Visions and Meanings…I read it after my meditation, and I was amazed how much in sync it was with my above meditation above. Link:read here

Crystal Connection  – Tauno

Before the connection I did two meditations and connected with the realms of the Sun, I felt Golden White Light and entered a higher dimension of the Sun.
Connection – I got a feeling of falling glass or window or veil, it was falling slowly on small pieces and at the same time I sensed raising up of my Spirit, the two directions down/the falling of the broken illusion/and up/raising of the Spirit/ merged in a wonderful Cosmic Cappuccino and ALL WAS INTERCONNECTED and co-operating for ONE Purpose.
I saw a HUGE Portal leading UP, High above and a dwarf holding a thin rope was trying to hold the current so that to move upwards , the wind was blowing and the dwarf was flying with the rope on the left, on the right till the Portal was taking the dwarf higher

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