Crystal Connection 12 December 2012 (12.12.12)

The picture below is the closest I could find resembling the opening of the portals.

Source: Link

I see a crystal sphere going up and bursting into a bright light. I see a Lotus Flower Portal going open. I am meditating in the living room with the kids and I feel my guides,angels, family star brothers and sisters standing around us, it is a big crowd. I ask for a message.

I see Gaia from space and stargates around her are opening, activating light and beaming it to the surface. And when the portals opened I managed some and used it to direct the energy to Gaia. The convergence of the old and new world is almost complete. I see the light going as a wave through the universe. I sent my pink love and anchor it into the core of Gaia. I infuse it with the grid and I see light it up, seeing souls waking up shining their light brighter. Everybody is watching, I myself got also infused with the grid.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I concentrated slowly because of pain and headache. I saw many people entering the Mayan Pyramid temple that was both similar to those of Lisa`s picture from her meditation and at the same time it was a pyramid into the rocks of a huge high mountain
I saw Isis as a Bird with Her Crown.

Then I saw a Giant Man that was holding Light in his hand and this Light appeared like the Rune GEBO, then it came a bird – White Dove appearing where His Heart Is, the Man looked like a warrior, Viking and was holding a Sword of Light, I asked Him to give us His message and received this information.Now You Are Creating Your New Place for Living , You Are creating Your New Reality… I saw many Elves, a male One was welcoming a female elf that was coming up a path followed by a smaller child like elves and other elf was flying over them.

Crystal Connection – Leslee

Hello, dear sisters of 12/1212!

Lisa, this is a magnificent meditation you had, and about the time you were writing this email, I was sitting in a wonderful group meditation, at a table with many crystals, 3 candles, and a Mayan calendar, as well as with OcaTAwa and the calcite geode…

We were listening to a guided meditation by Solara AnRa:

And it seems as if you were following it with us! 🙂

It was a very powerful and energizing group meditation, so many beautiful beings here in and on Gaia at the moment! I saw such a flood of things that I cannot even describe, and the focus for me seemed to be activation and energization of my whole body as reflecting what is going on here now….

I’ve had a lovely 12.12.12, and week so far. I’m loving these energies.

Much love to you both!

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