Update: Crystal Connection 8 December 2012-12-10

underwater city

I begin my meditation with a connection with Tauno and Leslee, connecting our hearts with the infinity symbol. The mediation: I see up close a pine tree and under my feet the snow. I walk and a come at a ridge overlooking a valley. It is dark, below I see snow pyramids glistening in the moonlight , they have a diamond shine to it. I see a big twinkling star in the night sky.

The vision changes I am now in the underwater city looking outside, I see other pyramids. I am in my lab, I am a scientist. I am busy with opening portals, harnessing the energy that comes from the pyramids. I am also busy with another experiment, creating energy by the power of my mind. The vision shifts and I am out now in the water. I can swim and breathe under water and have interaction with our cetacean friends.

Now we are back in my lab again and now Leslee and Tauno are also there. I see Leslee infused with pink,red,orange,yellow and gold colors, Tauno infused with purple, different kinds of blue and diamond light and I am infused with green,brown, white and silver light. We holding our hands above a power node of the Gaia’s grid and directing our energy of these colors onto this grid to infusing it with our light, powering up Gaia.

Note Tauno: Dear Lisa, today at noon I felt an energy swirl up when I thought of Leslee and I saw this energy spiral with pink, orange and golden colors! Thank You, my sister!
Before our connection I was listening to Aethos sound meditation and I saw Abi-Qor in snow, the mountain was all covered with snow and there was a lake down there
Love and Light

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I was flying at a great speed through a portal
Nothing , just flying and moving forward
Then OLA shined again with its Golden Light aura and I sent Healing Light to All
I closed my eyes and the memory into my mind of OLA in my hands appeared to me as if a Giant Hand is Holding the Earth and keeps it and my fingers were Beams of Light.

I opened my eyes again and saw the Bear, the huge Polar Bear was both a Bear and a Lion, this Being raised and over it I saw a Beam of Golden Light that was raising even higher, a Portal was open and the Light from above attracted up all living Souls on Earth, I saw movement up as if everything was swirled up by the magnetic anti gravity attraction.

I saw a huge black Bird – looked like a Thunderbird, then I saw a crow on a tree branch and behind the crow there was a sphere of Light, I saw a black knight riding a black horse and this horse turned into Pegasus, the black color did not have dark vibrations, nor the black Thunderbird

Update: an email from Leslee 11-12-2012 sending a picture through that really matches the colors I saw around Leslee.

Hi, Dears! I’m just finding this, and wanted to send along this photo, which was our sunset on Dec 3! These are powerful, beautiful meditations! I’m grateful for all the work I have right now, although I wish too for more time for connecting…
Much love and light to you both!


One response to “Update: Crystal Connection 8 December 2012-12-10

  1. How exciting and wonderful, Lisa! I emailed you a photo of the colors you and Tauno saw… I was surrounded in these on Dec 3… Please feel free to add that sky to your post if you like 🙂

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