Crystal Connection 9 December 2012


I was trying to meditate but couldn’t concentrate, i fell asleep during meditation. This is the only thing I saw. I see a golden circle. Then I am on a snowy mountain with green pine trees, above I see a spiral , changing into a silver web that connects universes, dimensions. The background behind the web was a black velvet space.

Note Tauno: Lisa, we both were in Abi-Qor, the mountain and You also saw the Portal – the Light. The connection of universes was because I was engaging the Sphere of all Possibilities

Crystal Connection – Tauno

Before the meditation I was working with the Sphere of all Possibilities and the Bear appeared without expecting her into my vision, the Bear was followed by a vision of a Wolf.

I closed my eyes and I saw the feet of an Ascended Master, He was standing over a tube, I was in this tube stepping up to the exit, the tube was narrow and very deep, I was going out of it and as I was out I saw the most beautiful green land that I have ever seen, it looked like that of my dreams , I felt it was Abi-Qor, Lisa was following me and I gave her a hand to go out of the tube, we sat and helped Les and many others to go out
I saw a Bear, a crystalline bear and me and Lisa were the eyes of this Bear. Then I found myself in a beautiful place that was not on Earth, Then it came strong Light and I found myself in a mountain and a path was leading to a portal that was shining with strong Light

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