Crystal Connection 7 December 2012

The web of life, we are all ONE.

I am in Blaze and there is much going on, it is very busy and there is a lot of activities going on. Tauno and me are also there, we are going to the healing chamber and Tauno is going first, standing in the center and a healing spiral of light is going around her. After her, it was me going inside. Then we moved to GLS Algiz, we are transported to the ship. I see a lot of elves busy, busy with preparations, it’s really a buzz. We are standing on a console and we have a magnificent view on earth. Then something happens, the earth expands and gets bigger, the light is growing and I see light bodies shooting up , millions going up to their ships. What beautiful sight, everybody is in preparations. I went back to my ship to further the preparations. The meditation ends with a vision of Sananda reaching out to me and seeing the Phoenix rising. It felt so great when my meditation ended.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I closed my eyes and I saw LIGHT coming from above, Golden Beam of Light was directed towards the surface and from it there were coming Light extensions in all directions and towards me
I saw a round metallic platform and a human like Being on the platform, Light beams were surrounding the platform forming slightly tilted cone as if it was a theatre stage lightened by the spotlights. Then I found myself flying over a city of white buildings. I had the feeling I was in the New Earth and I saw some craft in the sky. A thought of an argument with two people with heavy low energies came into my mind and I imagined myself saying to my employer ” My word is against theirs, who would you trust?” As I was envisioning this i saw Blue Light /AA Michael/ in rectangular , half of this rectangular was in Blue Light, the other half of it was dim.

Crystal Connection– Leslee
I meditated with OcaTAwa, and requested to connect with I’wah, and for him to show me more of how things are unfolding right now. Before I began, I could feel several beings particularly nearby, so I asked: It was I’wah, Fa, Theron, and Airl, and I realized they are all of a very similar energetic “taste”… They are various manifestations of similar energies associated with them.
They suggested: “Connect with I’wah the “Being”, rather than the Archetype. Look for his hands, his feet, his hair. He will show you his eyes… Then look at his heart.
I’wah “spirit” / “energy” flows like water: bringing to, carrying away, filling, cleansing and washing down. The great heavy aether that always finds a way in if there are openings.
Here is what I saw once I meditated:

I first saw I’wah, in his feather cloak, dancing on the brown earth. As his moccasins stamped the ground, mud splashed from the dry dirt. Then he began to turn and raise his arms, spreading his cloak… The ground became covered with several feet of snow, and he continued to dance, I could see his footprints marking paths and trails in the snow. My point of view zoomed out, and I could see him dancing over the entire earth, the [nails] pathways of his footprints forming trails that connected string energetic points throughout Gaia, like a spider’s web.

Then he suddenly stamped and took off flying, his cloak becoming like wings. I looked at his face. It looked quite stern or severe at first: beak-like hooked nose, deep-set piercing black eyes… But as I looked deeper, forgetting to be disappointed that his eyes looked unkind, then his eyes became like globes of water…Beautiful, gorgeous rings of radiant blue water of many colors from aqua to sky blue and deeper… And his pupils were deep and dark, and I realized that they are the deep hot springs that extend to the heart of Gaia.

I felt the springs (and saw them like the portal-spring-pool at Abiquor) were like a cone-shaped shaft of deep, hot water, tunneled energetically into I’wah’s pineal gland, the center of his head. Then I saw this sort of explode and send energy down to his heart chakra, quite golden, and from his heart chakra radiated a circular horizontal plane of golden light.
This golden light extended out

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