Crystal Connection 5 December 2012

I had first a catface picture on it, but when I was going to read Sophia Love’s article I saw below picture that really describes the diamond light I have been seeing and coming also out of my heart. So I thought I would be better to put this picture up because this is so much more beautiful to watch.

Source picture:Link

At first I saw a woman with blond hair, and on her face was painted a blue cat face. Then my body was in this Merkaba vehicle and a portal was opening from my heart. I went through and ended up in Shambala with purple flowers. I see snowy peaks and now I am at the top of the mountain meditating, waiting for a new world to rise. I see severe weather cleansing Gaia and then I see this heavingly diamond light touching the world transforming everything into the crystalline new.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I saw a Blue orb shined when i started Meditation. Wolf, Bear, a Bird and a Human figures appeared. I saw a Portal of LIGHT and a Mayan pyramid below the Portal, the Light became stronger and embraced the temple, I saw then Giza Pyramids in the Light, Sphinx too and the Pyramid became Octahedron and lifted itself up. I saw a Being of Light coming from inside a Huge Beam of Golden Light and I felt He is Ashtar Sheran
I sensed again the powerful vibrations of Golden Light in OLA and sent
Healing Light to Lisa,
Healing Light to Luisa.
Healing Light to the mountains/I saw mountain in OLA, I was watching the mountain chain and its tops/
Healing Light to the pyramids/ I saw Pyramids inside/- OLA was guiding me with quick visions and I sent Healing Light to what OLA showed me
Healing Light to the Oceans
Healing Light to the Air
Healing Light to the forests
Healing Light to all countries
Healing Light to their People
Healing Light to All Living Beings on Gaia
Healing Light to all Hearts
Healing Light to all Friends

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