Crystal Connection 4 December 2012

I saw first a North American shaman, his face bared colored paint stripes and he had colorful clothes on. Then I saw/felt a vortex of light going into my belly and out the other way going into Gaia. Their were 4 light beings working on this vortex energy and my belly . It got pretty intense.

Then I saw my heart was in flames and saw a white phoenix rising out of it. I felt also a strong diamond light going into my heart and really feeling the pressure. Then my whole body was in flames and I saw African dancers doing a ceremonial rite guided by a Sangoma. Before my eyes appeared the Merkaba. I was again in the crystal pool but 2 koi fish were circling me in a ying/yang symbol. My both hands touching the little black & white circles in the ying/yang symbol .The last image I saw was a Lion/feline sitting like the sphinx in Egypt.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw a Portal of Light opening at the south-west and the Light was Golden and White, the light covered a house, it was a big house. I saw the Eye again. I asked for help and protection. I opened my eyes and felt the same energy in OLA, I saw Her aura of Golden Light and connected with Lisa. I sent Healing and Light in all directions and into the core of Gaia. This house I feel is the Earth we all living on and the message is that a strong Light cover the earth. I remember also the earth`s surface shining with the Light of Aurora I watched it from Space.

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