Crystal Connection 3 December 2012


Before the meditation I see a red river. Meditation, I get the words “get ready”. I am inside the crystal pool again, inside a double pyramid. But the pool is now filling all the space in the Pyramid and I am alone. With my mind the pyramid is lifting up into the sky, into space. The water lights up underneath me giving the water a bright blue green color reflecting onto the pyramid walls. The top pyramid is rotating (male) into a different direction as the lower pyramid (female) in space. I feel a little Merkaba giving light just above my belly button. I open my heart lotus portal. The vision shifts and I stand before Tauno and we are in a ship. We are facing each other and we put both our hands on a kinda of light consul. We are opening the portal and blue and violet light is directed towards earth. We maintain this for awhile. Then we merge together, I am Tauno and she is me and and the same time we were ONE with Gaia.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I was listening BA RA SHEM KA sound meditation all the time and I am still listening to it, it is very relaxing and centering. First I saw You Lisa, I saw the same beautiful Angelic face as in one of my previous meditations when I saw the people in Rila surrounded by Blue Light and waiting for the Sun rise. I then was in the ocean, deep down into the Blue and it was beautiful, there was something like a naturally formed underwater Labyrinth. Then I dived deeper into the sound and into the void, nothing there, just the sound and My Presence.

One response to “Crystal Connection 3 December 2012

  1. This article so connects what we received in the meditation on the 3rd of December 2012


    Orion Stargate 2012 Dec 2-3 2012 Special Activation Alignment – Above-Below.

    All will be activated on timelines around planted. Activation of Language of Light open with portal.

    Connected to all 12 star Gates.

    Connected Blue, Green, Platinum, Crystals from Atlantis, fully activated, aligned.

    Connected Pyramids Giza, and others were Awakened, Activated for planetary alignment.

    Connected Sphinx Awakened, Activated.

    Connected to Golden Ratio as above as below. Connected to Lions Gate.

    Activations to fully awaken: Crystal, Rainbow, Indigo children. Awakened aligned with New Law of Justice.

    Awakened Quantum Awareness, coherences.

    Awakened Sacred sites of all Zero Point, Anchored in, aligned and Harmonized, brought in Zero Point harmonics for Gaia, Humanity all of God Creations, As above, as below.

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