Crystal Connection 1 and 2 December 2012

Crystal Connection 1 December 2012

I just came home, visit to family on my mothers side so I am exhausted. Tried to connect but only saw the infinity symbol lying horizontal and a red rose blooming open revealing a diamond heart. I think the rose represents the heart and the diamond that we become crystalline.

Crystal Connection 2 December 2012


Before I did the meditation I did a healing on me because of my painful urine infection. I visualized a crystal pyramid over me with healing light, as I was doing this I suddenly got a strong blue beam of light infusing my pyramid and after that a strong violet light. I had my hands on my belly and could feel the heat coming trough. Also, before the meditation I saw little sparkly diamonds in the shape of a diamond. After that I was reading an article on the phone and when you watch such a bright screen you see the afterimage when you close your eyes but instead of seeing the square of this phone, I saw the david star or merkabah…strange.

The meditation, I saw a huge being, probably lion but didn’t see his face. I am sitting in a green flat landscape meditating and connecting with my past, future and parallel selves, I open my lotus flower heart portal. I am standing in a harsh landscape of Mongolia and I am there with my mentor/teacher. It is night and we looked up to the twinkling stars and knew that they were galactic ships watching over us. We sit by the fire and he is going to teach me the opening of the lotus flower heart portal. (since yesterday morning I have been told to do my first channeling through the heart involving the opening of he Lotus Flower portal, I am scared I am just going to talk gibberish) the vision changes and I am in front of a big blazing solar flare raging sun and then I merge with this being and I feel I am made up of billions of fire particles. End of meditation

PS: got another vision just as I was to send this one. I saw earth and the light grid being ready and infused, its done.

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