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The new world feels close now….

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Well the count down clicker is clicking loudly now. The planet alignments of 12/21/12 are almost upon us and everybody seems to be feeling something going on within. Anticipation, fatigue, dizziness, headaches, twirling in the stomach, you name it and it is going on. I think perhaps one of the most difficult parts of what we are all experiencing is the uncertainty of everything. We are walking into the abyss of the unknown but with deep trust and faith in our hearts. We are the crew of the Enterprise embarking on a journey where no man has ever gone before.

It’s exciting, it is exhausting, it is beyond comprehension at times, it is the biggest test of faith we have ever had to face and yet we seem to be going along with a deep…

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Spirit Train Chronicles

In my meditation I asked to understand the nature of the Forgetting Device. This is the device that is used in our solar system to prevent the retention of memories between lifetimes. The device was somewhat damaged at some point in recent history, so that some past-life memories are retained.

As I closed my eyes I saw a “personal gps system”. A ring with a small blue arrow pointing in a certain direction. What I “saw” was simply a dark ocean, but the “virtual GPS” was pointing in a certain direction, so I followed it.

I continued through the dark night over the water for a short amount of time, and was planning on giving up my search when I noticed that the GPS turned strong green and there was also a secondary red color. Okay, I’ll follow that and see where it leads.

The green and red morphed into…

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The Giants of Ancient America (video)

Jim Vieira has spent the past 20 years researching into mysterious races and buildings from the time of ancient America.

He has collected thousands of bizarre reports of giant skeletons . He consulted the archives of  The New York Times, Smithsonian Ethnology Reports and Scientific American.

Additionally Vieira deepened himself  in the history of various places and countries. He has come to the conclusion that the real history of humanity not only deliberately being hidden from us, but also very different than always been told.

Jim is a stonemason from the U.S. state of Massachusetts and loves writing, research, spirituality and metaphysics. He is also a member of the Northeast Antiquities Research Association, a repository for information about mysterious monuments of antiquity.

Jim writes as a columnist for the Shelburne Falls & West County Independent and rural Ancient American Magazine.

12-12-2012 … A Message from Pleiadian Ambassador Christine Day

12-12-2012 … A Message from Pleiadian Ambassador Christine……

Christine Day, Nov. 26, 2012

Hi Everyone,It has been an intense month and I feel that we are all being prepared energetically to receive the 12/12/12 energies this month.

The Pleiadians have given me some very specific information to assist each one of you in being able to consciously receive the powerful Illumination Waves coming at that time.

My message is longer than usual and it feels very important to share with each one of you. I’ve also included some questions that have come from circles which I feel are relevant.

The Pleiadians are saying there will be a series of Illumination Waves coming onto the planet on 12/12/12. They are asking you to open up to new alliances with pre-agreements that you made before you came onto this earth plane. In order for you to be able to fully take in the energies of the Illumination Waves that will be coming onto the planet on 12/12/12, you need to open up and create new energetic alliances for yourself..

Be aware that the waves will be at their strongest at one minute past midnight until six a.m. on the 12th of December. They will begin to expand again from 12 noon until 3 p.m. on that day.

From 12/12/12 and onwards in your life, you have made a series of pre-agreements to have energetic support. Whether you remember it or not is irrelevant. Now it is up to you to activate these pre-agreements. The activation must come from you and not from the other side.

You need to give your permission and activate your pre-agreements by opening up to whatever energies are there for you. You don’t need to know which ones. You just need to give your permission for the activation. Open up to these energetic alliances on the day before 12/12/12.

It is irrelevant that your ego mind may not understand or know which energetic alliances you are calling forward. You only need to understand that these pre-agreements are something that you have made for yourself to support you now.

So do not let your ego mind say: ‘Well, I’m not sure who I’m calling forward so I am not going to activate any of my pre-agreements’ You don’t want to go there.

The energies must come from you. The same goes on 12/12/12. You need to open up consciously, through conscious choice to call in the Illumination Waves. The energies that will come through those Illumination Waves will align you and birth you into a new aspect of yourself.

The Illumination Waves are designed to activate another level of the crystalline structure in the cells of your body. This crystalline structure once activated will be able to then house another level of your own divine light in your physical body. It will transform your body electrically so you will be able to take in and hold a lot more of your own divine light in your cells.

This is a revolutionary time for us as human beings and at the moment a lot of our divine light is housed outside of our physical form. With the system we have in place right now, we are unable to carry that light.

With the activation of the crystalline structure, you are going to be able to take in and house much more of your own divine light on 12/12/12. The Illumination Waves are designed to bring you into yourself and redesign your system.

Another aspect of the crystalline structure is that activation will more accurately reopen your telepathic communion center. The energy of 12/12/12 holds a sacred energy of communion with the energies, with the Universe. It opens up that sacred communion possibility for each one of us. To come into new understandings, new knowledge – there is nothing new – but receiving the knowledge and ancient teachings that are a part of truth and integrity.

On that day, your cells align to a new level of truth and integrity, allowing you to continue your path forward from that time in a new way; understanding that the whole planet will go through an energetic transformation on that day.

You might say ‘why all of a sudden?’ It’s not all of a sudden! Things have been put in place for some time now for this happening to occur.

The crop circles will be moving into a new birthing of themselves, coming into their fullness for the first time since being on this planet. They will be working in alignment with all the megaliths sites; the sacred sites on the planet. There will be sacred webbing between the megaliths sites and the crop circles, covering the planet and creating a series of ley lines.

We need to become part of that sacred webbing on that day. There is an opening of portals on that day and each one of you have the ability to become part of that sacred webbing. This sacred webbing that is going to birth around the earth plane is part of the really strong transformation of our planet, of consciousness.

Those who choose to align to that sacred webbing on that day will have an automatic connection of telepathic communion with each other. You don’t need to understand so much as be willing to be a part of what you have said ‘yes’ to already.

It’s really about showing up for your appointment and taking your place within what the Pleiadians are calling ‘the grand plan.’ By opening up your pre-agreement alliances the day before, those energies will support you and show you the way and assist you in that process the next day.

You move back to taking your place with the energetic alliances that you have said ‘yes’ to, enabling you to work with on that day and from that time onwards.

We have 12/21/12 as well. Nine days later, where another level of energy is going to come onto the planet for those who have worked with the Illumination Waves on 12/12/12. This day is another strong time to open and receive and allow another level of your crystalline structure to be activated.

You will go through another level of transformation of an electrical energy activating through the body, being able to receive another level of your divine light and have it housed in the cells of your body. On that day, the portals will open again and the sacred webbing around the earth will open up and you will rejoin the sacred webbing on another level.

On 12/12/12 understand that coming together in groups will be very supportive. There is a very important need for those of us who are awake, to come together to anchor and expand who we are at this time. It is important to come together in groups of like-minded people; those who are awake. All people from all paths – there is no separation.

People who are not on the path, after this date will there be a separation from them?

No, absolutely not. The fact is that we have all pre-agreed to awake early, to hold open a pathway for others to follow. If anything we will be more connected. We may not be connected to those who are abusive, controlling, connected to violence, for example. However, we will continue to be connecting with regular people who have good hearts but are not awake.

I live in an apartment? Can I set this all up to do alone for 12/12/12?

Yes, of course.

Will working with the ‘letting go’ energy be supportive on that day?

Yes, remember it is through the letting go energy that you move into your realignments. The letting go energy allows you to leave the 3rd dimensional energy that you are holding, allowing that to drop away in a moment and in that moment realignment can occur. In that one moment when you choose to let go of everything from this earth plane it becomes a very powerful and empowering moment of realignment. It only takes one moment of time for the all the cells to move into a new level of alignment and remembering.

The ‘letting go’ energy holds an alignment energy that will assist you with the Illumination Waves on 12/12/12. You also want to be opening to a receiving energy. It’s very important to allow yourself to consciously open to receive the Illumination Waves.

It would support you to do a vortex of 3 candles with a crystal in the center, which will attract and support the Illumination Waves coming in so the Illumination Waves have an avenue to come through, an energetic structure. Or anything else you feel called to do in setting up a pattern of crystals would be supportive.

I would do all of this the day before. To sit and open to your energetic alliances and feel out what you need to do to create for yourself to receive those Illumination Waves and allow the energetic alliances to support you and show you what is best for you.

Build something for yourself either as a group or an individual but have it done the day before and feel out the energy and make the adjustments. The more committed you are the more those Illumination Waves will work with you. It’s part of you consciously choosing to receive.

If you have a group of people, you might want to set a circle around that vortex as part of the format, part of the ritual or structure. You have some time to think about it and feel out what will work and what feels good.

You may want to have cushions spread out on the floor as an option to lie down because the energies will be strong and you may need to integrate and receive them and then maybe go out to the sky, to the galactic energy and lie on the earth and open to the energies of the stars during that time in the night. Be creative. Feel what is right for you inside. The natural forces are committed to working with you as well. They have a strong energy to support you in the integration of the Illumination Waves on the planet.

Would it be supportive to go to a sacred place?

The Pleiadians are saying that every place on the earth plane will be sacred on that day. The entire earth becomes a sacred place.

So be it.

Have an empowering and powerful 12/12/12.

With love and blessings,

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Steve Beckow

SaLuSa has said something today which has actually not been said very often but has always existed in the background as a subject that perhaps needs to be mentioned and discussed. He said:

“If you consider that you will be moving into a new frequency, you will understand that there are various levels within each dimension. You will not therefore all be within the same one, and some people will disappear from your view. We would therefore stress once again, that each soul will find itself exactly in the right level. It will be one that is in harmony with their own vibrations, where they will feel comfortable and at ease.” (1)

Anyone familiar with the literature of life after death, which has been up to now, the source of our knowledge of the higher dimensions, will know that the planes most discussed – the Astral and…

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Crystal Connection 26 November 2012


It was hard to concentrate on my meditation but I saw a bright sun. I can see that I am standing on a yellow beach and in the distance like a Fata Morgana, shimmering through the city of light. Then I see a Mayan Temple, and I am standing almost in front of the steps,but not to close. There are some people going up the steps and on the top of the pyramid a priest is holding up something to the sky. We are celebrating the return of Quetzalcoatl. There is a big crowd and a lot of festives going on. Suddenly it gets dark, but not of a sun eclipse but a huge ship going in front of the sun. Everybody is exited.

The vision shifts and I find myself in the pyramid again, floating in the crystal pool, and through the point roof comes a blue beam of energy going right through my heart , and I anchor the light energy into Gaia. It feels so good and strong.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
Lotus , Buddha sitting there. I was connected with AA Michael and Jeshua. A huge Owl was flying and carrying something on her wings, also She was carrying a Being in her neb , The Owl was a craft that was leading me towards the Portal of Golden Light, I entered through the Portal, I saw the Blue Woman there, that Lisa has drawn and I heard ” Welcome”. I saw a Being in the mountain that looked like these humans from Biblical times, over him/her i saw an aether Higher Self in the shape of a dolphin and another higher than the dolphin Being that does not need a form for self expression.
I knew that the right time has come to send LIGHT to ALL.

This was the most powerful experience that I have ever had, the strongest and purest LIGHT that has ever come to me, OLA was just Shining and I could see Her aura of Golden Light to expand into my hand and I connected with this LIGHT and sent Light and healing to ALL, I sent Energy of LOVE and Light to Our New Earth that Is Now Here