Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Steve Beckow

This being Nov. 22, we are now within the one-month corridor leading up to Dec. 21, 2012.

Today is said to be an important day unto itself – the activation of the Eleventh Gate “at the turning point of the second Window of Opportunity.” (1)  A worldwide meditation was held, here on the West Coast of North America at 3:11 a.m. and whatever time that corresponded to in other time zones.

It is also a master number day generally – 11/22. And there isn’t a person of my generation that will not remember it as the day that John Kennedy was assassinated.

You heard Archangel Michael on Monday’s An Hour with an Angel, explain what will and will not happen around Dec. 21, 2012.  And that’s really what I want to talk about here.

I tried to pin him down on the matter of Dec. 21, 2012.

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Openhearted Rebellion


Today we would like to focus your attention on the “dream state”. In some ways this topic is connected to our most previous message about parallel realities. The topic of the dream state is yet another very large one which has many facets to it but we would like to help you to understand a bit more about what you do in the dream state and how you can use it to your advantage. Many of you are taught to believe that when you sleep you are in a sense not “doing” anything; that your dreams are not “real”, and that you cannot achieve anything while you sleep. It is our intention to shed some light on what it is you truly “do” and what you are really able to achieve while you are in the dream state.

It is when your body goes into REM…

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Openhearted Rebellion



~ Shanta Gabriel 23 Nov 2012

Dear Ones,

The 12:12:12 Activation on December 12, 2012 will bring the highest frequencies ever encoded in the Light of the Christ Consciousness to the planet for transformation of the Earth and all beings.

Through the power of the associated gateways held open by the Archangels at the 11:11, a new force of the Christ Consciousness will be made available during the 12:12:12 Activation. The power of this awakening energy enables each person to have the experience of the Christ Light at the moment of the 12:12:12 Coding. Once experienced you will not fall back into old ways, as the Golden Christ Light literally expunges from your being frequencies that no longer serve you. Transformed by Light, the cells awaken to the coding embedded by your soul. This activation has been held in abeyance until the earth…

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Crystal Connection 25 November 2012

I decided for the 24 November meditation, to not participate. I felt I needed a rest.

Before I entered the meditation I saw first the brown bear, the eagle, the wolf and the fox. In these order. Then I saw circle and this circle became a portal. I saw stars around, so this portal was in space. The portal opened and water came through forming a waterfall that was falling onto earth. (cleansing?) I followed the waterfall down into the lake on Earth, onto the bottom. On the bottom of the lake, I saw a bright white shinning crystal diamond, the 11th gate activated through the divine of Gaia. I saw Tauno, Leslee, Troy, KP, Vee, Babajij, me and all the others of STC standing around this Crystal Diamond Gate and waiting in anticipation. I see AA Michael standing in front of me and he is sending the blue and violet flame energy through my Higher Heart and I anchor it into the core of Gaia. But something extraordinarily happened, the beam of the blue and violet flame was also connecting with first Tauno, Tolan and then the rest of the Spirit Train Travelers.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
Oh, I saw TYR leading me forward onto the Highway. I used my third eye because gazing into the crystals takes me more effort and energy. I was in Abi-Qor, on the rock, I felt the presence of a Higher Being of Light near me, the Being jumped down to the land below because there were many people there that needed the Light that this Being carried, I felt myself shining as a SUN with Golden Light, I had to jump too to bring the Light to the people but I knew that the jump is risky so I preferred to go down the rocks and to reach gradually the people.

The vision shifted but I was in a mountain again, this was Rila mountain in Bulgaria, the sight carried the same feeling of Abi-Qor but it was Rila. There were many people gathered to wait for the Sun rise, they all were dressed in white but the Light was Blue and so they looked blue because of the Blue Light, I felt the Presence of Beinsa Douno and AA Michael, I saw you, my friends, you were also there at this gathering sitting and waiting for the Sun rise
Yes, and Shining crystal ball in the center of Abi-Qor I saw when I received – Create from the Heart

Crystal Connection 23 November 2012


The frist thing I saw was a huge purple butterfly with blue eyes painted on the wings in front of my third eye. I also saw a big eye looking at me. Now I find myself in space and I see a yellow/white spiral energy tornado sweeping over the surface of earth.

Suddenly I pondered how Ascension would feel like. I find myself crumbling into light particles, and picked up in a helix spiral little tornado and I got infused with heavenly love. After this infusion I was lovingly put back together. Man, I feel so much light emanating from within.

I am floating close to a ceiling and I see myself down there floating in the crystal pool. I see a white energetic umbilical cord attached from my belly to my belly that was floating there in the pool. Now, I see that this cord is also connected to my past/future and parallel selves. The vision changes and I see myself standing up and vibrating into the past and into the future. I see it becoming less and less and find myself vibrating in the NOW and in ONE.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I am very tired and tried to concentrate
The first vision that I had were some threads merged together and forming a scorpion
Then I saw a Human figure, the vibrations were these of Thoth, Arabian, He was incarnated on Earth and over Him there was a Higher Being of Light that was aether one, I asked Him to tell me his Name and received OM, I asked OM to give me a message for us and I saw another Being of Light, smaller than OM but still bigger than Thoth and these three Beings were in fact some facets of One Soul
I was in the mountain again and I saw a Giant, He was trying to open a Portal in the mountain with His Mighty Hands as if the mountain was a curtain in a theater, this was a hard job even for a Giant but He did it! next to the giant I saw a Huge white Rabbit The Portal is open and free to enter, I entered and I saw an elf there.
I saw the Rune Gebo, woman`s face of a Higher Being and Native American Chief whose vibrations were that of the White Eagle from one of my previous meditations. I heard strange signals in my ears, they were coming from inside of me and yet I felt them as an encoded message, I have to learn more about this type of sound/machinery/telegraphic communications

The Vision Alignment Project

A Vision for Breakthroughs

We see a world where people are having breakthrough after breakthrough, leading them to their highest calling in life and their greatest joy. We see this happening all across the globe now. and as a result, our entire world is transformed into the Highest light Imaginable!




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Everyone is a Master
~ Tony Burroughs