Crystal Connection 21 November 2012


Source: Newscientist

Before the meditation I saw an Polar bear. Connection: I saw the double white pyramid again. Then suddenly I see a huge mother ship that looks like a big eye. The outside looks like bee grate shape. I find myself in the ship, on the observing deck, and at the same time in the crystal pool in the pyramid and meditating and connecting with Tauno and Tolan, and also in my bedroom meditating. Everybody (all the ships) are getting ready for the opening of the Stargate. I can feel the energy building up. I see white little orbs coming out of the waters, earth, trees, making a light grid. The sylphs that I saw this morning (see post: Sylphs: what a beautiful morning) I see them again and they carry a code to upgrade my body and coded mission details. I see the white dove and Polar bear together. Vision changes, I am at a big space port waiting for you guys (STC) to come through and meet each other. Also all the pyramids are activated tonight, make good use from it.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I saw Lisa connected with me through OLA
I saw a path, a rough rocky path and a human figure standing alone high in the clouds and winds of many energies and timelines and dimensions

I was in a cave and there was a dividing “wall” and from each side of this wall I saw Beings, the Dark ones and the Light ones, the dark ones were two and they were fighting with a Light Man that weapon was a strong Energy of Light coming from His left Hand, He was with long blond hair and Viking outlook, behind him I saw a human like Being of Light from another planet and Angelic energy at the background and there was a portal too, I entered into this rectangular portal
I saw a Huge Giant`s profile, the Giant was crystalline and inside there was a figure of a woman from Biblical times , looked like Mother Mary and I saw Her Higher Expression above Her, Her Higher Self and I received the word “OVERSOUL”

Then I saw Leslee siting , she was in a not very high mountain , the colors of the Sunset were amazing – brown, red and orange and I saw Les connected and communicating with Heruka and then I saw another Being connected with Leslee till the vision changed and I saw very clear the Spirit of the Native American Chief White Tatanka, He appeared in the sky and was so clear and I felt AWE, I asked ” Please, tell me, White Tatanka, What is Your message to all of us?”
I saw a mountain separated into two parts and between then was a huge abyss, there I saw a Rock horizontal one that formed a bridge between these two mountains, the bridge connected the two of them ” You made the bridge, You made the connection between dimensions and words, Now you are free to move forward, this is Your Path”
I saw the mountain shining more and more with Pure White Crystal Light