Suzanne Lie: TRIP TO THE MOTHERSHIP : Mytre and Kepier story

This is an amazing story, it almost feels like I am taking this journey (we do, but I mean in this story)

Trip to the Mothership Part XI: Mytre Meets Kepier

Crystal Connection 16 November 2012

Before I went into meditation I had sent Tauno violet,pink, blue and the golden flame. Then I felt the light again going true my higher heart, acting as a portal and anchoring this light into Gaia. I get the word Om’Ra through again and started to chant it. I open my third eye and I see mountains, the light is so bright I don’t see the peaks. The vision changes and I am in a city underneath the water. Looked a bit like the underwater city in Star Wars. Then I see the Lotus portal and behind the sun portal, it is a double portal and me and Tauno go through it. We come into the city of light and we meet our ascended master ,’Jeshua, to hear that we both going again , together follow lessons from Jeshua, our path is together until we part again. I see also Leslee , that almost follow the same path as us. Then I feel a heavens portal open , huge one, above me and I feel this heavenly white light going through my heart and through my body and feel so happy. Then I see End connection.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw humans dancing in a circle of Life dancing, the direction of the rotation of this circle was counterclock and that is why I say – the circle of light, to the Heart
They were beaming Light and providing Light and the center of this circle was shining. I saw two couples of Twin Flames, one of the couple was in one and the same dimension , the other couple – the Male was in the higher dimension while the female Soul was on Earth but She was aware that her Twin is watching from above and in fact the connection was conscious
The next vision was of four human figures sitting on the ground to connect/ I am not sure if they were meditating or talking /, they turned into Native Americans and then into Totem Animals
I saw the White Bear raising His right hand and an Eagle flying towards the White Bear/ I got the feeling AA Michael assists the White Bear – Me/
The other animals were not clearly visible, one of them has a long tail like a mouse but it was bigger than a mouse,It was big as a dog, also there was a Bird at this gathering
Then I saw a Portal, I entered in I saw TOT again, over TOT there was a Portal and out of the Portal there was a Light Ship and I was Flying with this Light Ship till I saw a Planet of Light, aether or crystalline structured Planet.

Crystal Connection – Leslee

Hi, All, I tried a connecting meditation this afternoon. As I began my meditation, I asked to be shown how these connections relate to those I am making elsewhere, and how all of this relates to the changes throughout the “Universe” (wishing to see the “Big Picture”)…
I also asked for Teo’Na and Adca Mupea to accompany through Ghost Radar.

I began by visualizing the letter HUM… Rainbows… transformed into AAM’s sword piercing veil/atmosphere around earth, driving into North Pole, piercing Gaia, injecting powerful cleansing, purging light…

Then saw a shriveled walnut, still I side shell & husk. No sign of lack of vibrancy from outside. Nut fell from huge tree, landing into Gaia, taking much time to decompose and return to earth… Looking back at branch, trace along limb to trunk of tree, roots buried in Gaia, but Gaia is also another walnut, falling from a branch… And so on.

I feel the lesson is to release our conceptions of what we feel is concrete and has any absolute qualities… All is relative, all is interconnected, all nourishes (or shrivels) in dependence upon the health of the whole. And the whole is ever-expanding, and far more vast than we can imagine or describe.

Ghost Radar words were: [burst acres August California peace Kristin (crystalline) finger]

Teo’Na says we heal Gaia by healing ourselves, and working to dispel our experiences of negativity and separation. The shriveled walnut symbolizes lack of wisdom and remaining in ignorance, while enclosed in the shell of limited vision and experience. We need to perceive the entire tree upon the ground of the nut which hangs upon the tree upon the ground of the nut, etc.

A Collection of Clouds

The clouds forming imaginable pictures in our head or is the mind tricking us to seeing something that isn’t there?.