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Spirit Train Chronicles

My precious Hearts, now that we are in the midst of the shifts between the 11:11 portal and the solar eclipse on 13:11, intense energies are coming your way massively as well as lovingly. These energies not only long to bring your transformations to a higher level but they also wish to bring all your lower embodiments into one unit and to empower your capabilities to the max. Much will shift as a result of this portal and this solar eclipse in a limited amount of time. It is a blessing to experience all those portals, eclipses and alignments and to feel them flowing through you energetically for they truly are a great blessing and a loving touch to all of you.
Feel how your hearts are in a state of bliss, feel them shifting into completion. The Twin Flame energies are now extremely strong in order to complete…

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Crystal Connection 12 November 2012

We are keeping up pace with the synchronizations of our meditations:

The only thing I got was i was standing on the hill overlooking a valley, on my right a mountain ridge, is was all green. It seems to be late in the evening because the light was golden orange. Vision changes and I am flying over Antarctica, over a group of penguins and reached the entrance of hollow earth and seeing a city coming up, the people of inner earth coming up from the entrance.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I saw two sitting Human figures in front of a rectangular gate/portal, I asked my Guides to give us a message and the crystal shined with a flash of blue Light I could see the same forest of Light as I saw it in one of my previous meditations, the trees gradually took shapes of arches and gates of a huge Palace of Light and yet it was a forest, the Light was Golden. I saw a Being of Light that looked like Jeshua dressed in White and holding an object like a ball or disc in His left hand, I saw a giant Hand behind Him and I felt that Ashtar/the hand/ is co working with Jeshua now and they are involved in a common task. I saw the top of the Lemurian , three surfaced and with two visions there – on the right there was a land in that I saw a fire and a desert land at night, on the left I saw a mountain with snow, I saw the mountain from above.

Then I had a vision of the surface of Earth and a huge Mother Ship anchored above it, the Ship was crystalline or transparent as it was simply the sky, I saw a triangular portal in the craft and a pyramid into the portal, and also I saw the number 6, I saw actually three spheres into this portal and received ” the dark ones are still here, this is the time of cleaning” and that is the reason I am still on the verge of this portal, I could not enter , just saw it, I feel this is connected with some cleaning still needed
End of meditation