Crystal Connection 9 November 2012

This is one of the meditations we don’t match, but as a story it combines each other.
When I was driving home I was waiting in traffic in front of a robot to get green and i noticed this advertising for a car saying ‘change is defined by the one who drives it’ as I was pondering I suddenly got a vision of a bear coming out of his winter sleep and see that the world changed a lot while he was sleeping. Tonight I went down with the flu. Even greatly disturbed I got some images from my meditation. I saw first a red rose then a grey Heron flying up to the big white moon. I see Mount Fuji ready to blow, out of it comes a stream of wind carrying lotus flowers and landing @ a baobab tree, in the desert. As the flowers fall on the sand, grass begins to grow very fast. I see a sun eclipse and the word ‘reset’ comes to mind. Ending with the ying/yang symbol.

I looked up the story about the Baobab tree:
Adansonia digitata, or Baobab tree is a strange looking tree that grows in low-lying areas in Africa and Australia. The Baobab is also called the upside-down tree because when bare of leaves, the spreading branches of the Baobab look like roots sticking up into the air, as if it had been planted upside-down. Legend holds that god Thora took a dislike to the Baobab growing in his garden, so he threw it out over the wall of Paradise on to Earth below, and although the tree landed upside-down it continued to grow. Read more


Crystal Meditation –Tauno
Dear Hearts, I was holding the crystals but I used my third eye to connect, it was a quick meditation but I felt as I am asleep. I saw a Fairy with transparent big wings, She was sitting on a rock over a lake. Then I saw people and my talks with them , they were like a movie recorded, Spirits and Beings I am connected with wanted to see my interactions and the conversations I had with people with lower vibrations, I saw how I was having conversations with these people as a movie and as a kind of a dream.

Then I saw Abi-Qor, the place was covered with clouds/mist and I could see the steps carved into the rock I had a feeling of being near a large pool or lake, I also had a sense of Portal and steps towards it I opened my eyes and Leos showed me a portal and another one – the same SUN portal with the shape of a human figure, me and Lisa are familiar with this Portal
… as I am writing the visions continue, when I closed my eyes I found myself flying above the ocean and then swimming under water, under water colors were brown, golden, orange, yellow and red – of the sea bed, and I saw a portal there too, as a tunnel

And a wonderful connection with Suzanne

Today as I sat outside in meditation I felt the urge to begin writing.
Today I feel a sense of change so close that I can almost feel it. There is a pyramid concealed from view in the physical I ask where it is but I am told in time it will be revealed. Colors dance about in deep reds to pinks to yellows and brilliant white when in the midst of this I see clouds of dark pulled from within and without doubt I know the final cleansing is occurring.
The bird song consumes the air drowning out the noise of man while on the breeze the seeds of rebirth float unhindered as they find the fertile ground needed to begin their journey into the new. Above me I see a collective of Ascended masters watching and smiling down while in the background you could almost hear a pin drop. It is now that I am transported back to the crystal clear pool where I have been in meditation with 4 others for the past few weeks. As The five of us raise our heads we stand and face the crystal within the pool once again raising our hands sending the energy of love and light toward the crystal as this crystal begins to rise a beam of light spirals from the top upward revealing a portal. We then begin to open our arms wider as the ground begins to shudder beneath our feet we are now rising above the ground still with arms wide as what appear to be columns rise behind us and steps of stone appear from between them at the base of these steps are five doors with carvings upon them there now appears five Ascended Masters standing at the top of these five staircases. The five of us again lower our arms and return to the position we were in with our backs to the pool of crystal, our heads bowed again in meditation.

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