This is what I was feeling yesterday during our daily crystal connection meditation. It is so wonderful how it all fits together. Before I read this article I was thinking that we are transmuting all the negative into light …. and this article is a confirmation. Thank you so much Elizabeth, love you so much. Also KP and me made a post of what is happening now. Talking about synchronicity. Love Lisa

Blue Dragon Journal

 Eliza: “There Are Still Lessons to Be Learned”

You know that I told myself I wouldn’t write anything tonight. Yes, we know, but we want to try and convey something that is bothering you. You know what it is.

Yes. Although I respect and admire the work of certain individuals, I cannot be a follower of any of them. In doing so, I would be giving away my power. No, I am an autonomous Being, an Ascended Master in my own right. Perhaps I am a member of an Ascension Team, working in higher planes for the freedom of this planet. Perhaps I am a member of a galactic lightship crew. Perhaps I am a member of one or more councils overseeing the ascension of this planet. However, right now, I am embodied and on the planet, one of many voices in the wilderness. And the past two weeks have…

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