This is what I was feeling yesterday during our daily crystal connection meditation. It is so wonderful how it all fits together. Before I read this article I was thinking that we are transmuting all the negative into light …. and this article is a confirmation. Thank you so much Elizabeth, love you so much. Also KP and me made a post of what is happening now. Talking about synchronicity. Love Lisa

Blue Dragon Journal

 Eliza: “There Are Still Lessons to Be Learned”

You know that I told myself I wouldn’t write anything tonight. Yes, we know, but we want to try and convey something that is bothering you. You know what it is.

Yes. Although I respect and admire the work of certain individuals, I cannot be a follower of any of them. In doing so, I would be giving away my power. No, I am an autonomous Being, an Ascended Master in my own right. Perhaps I am a member of an Ascension Team, working in higher planes for the freedom of this planet. Perhaps I am a member of a galactic lightship crew. Perhaps I am a member of one or more councils overseeing the ascension of this planet. However, right now, I am embodied and on the planet, one of many voices in the wilderness. And the past two weeks have…

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Spirit Train Chronicles

[Hello friends. The following message it was something that came all of a sudden you could say. Of course it wasn’t random but still, it was like a clear, but a thankful intervention. I was looking approximately at 12:00 am my e-mail messages and I noticed a dialogue between some friends of mine from the site Spirit Train Chronicles discussing how much they were missing our Star Family.

I really felt for them because even if I (my friends and many other people)experience a contact with some beings from our Star Family through telepathy, dreams, meditations, sightings and channeling…well, a physical meeting is something different and yes, very desirable from my side, too. So, while I was looking at their dialogue and I was thinking, instantly a name popped into my head…’Analla’.

Then, I saw in my 3rd eye a very beautiful luminous being which I present…

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Spirit Train Chronicles

SaLuSa 9-November-2012

The long wait is over and Obama is aware of what is expected of him, and is the man for the job. Like every other soul he has been working towards this time in his life, to achieve the main objective of his soul plan. He will soon be set up and able to go ahead with changes that he knows are necessary to take humankind forward. We have been in constant touch with him and he has been frequently briefed as to what his role is. Several legal actions are about to be taken that will see the real start of the removal of the top members of the Illuminati. That will effectively remove the last vestiges of power that they hold, and put paid to their last hopes of holding on. It will then allow a more general clear out of the dark Ones at the…

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Crystal Connection 8 November

With this post I just wanted to show how connected we all are. Whe are stronger together.A dedication to all the lightworkers/starseeds/walk-ins/and other who feel this way….dedicating the song of Cindy Lauper : True Colors

That is how I was feeling yesterday:

I can’t concentrate today, to much pain in the belly and in the heart, crying, contemplating to quite. To much interference of 3D issues and people who want me to lower to there level. I just can’t take it anymore. Love you all, i am going to sleep, hope i will feel better tomorrow. Lisa

Crytal Connection Tauno

Dear Hearts
I had some visions but I could not concentrate much, I am seriously attacked by dark energies for two days, I feel I am entering the void and a sadness inside, it may be a process of clearing or transmuting negative energies, I am looking forward to embrace my Space Family and I miss them so much, I miss you too and I believe that time is near for our gathering and for us to learn more about our connection that goes many lifetimes back in “time”

Here is what I saw
I Snake came first
A Native American Men that were hunting, I saw a Bear and a Rabbit as big as the Bear, A Human figure climbing the mountain I saw
Then an Angel looking after two humans on Earth at the same time /my feeling is that these are me and Lisa/, the Angel gives us Protection
Then I saw a human sending a beam of Light to the core of Gaia while this human was raising up to the Angel above the Human and this Angel was sending Light to the Human
Then I saw a giant Fish

Love and Light


Cheer up guys, I was just saying to Konstantinos how much I miss our Galactic family. I know they love us very much. Don’t forget to ask them for help if you need it.

Thanks to both of you for sharing your meditation journey – very powerful stuff (-_-)

BTW our galactic family is grinning at me, I’m not sure why.



Crystal Connection Leslee

second that, Troy!
I’ll just share that the past 3 days for me have presented so many lessons, some quite traumatic, but also connections.
I’m about to meditate, and then will share some more about my experiences… But for now, I’ll share that what I am seeing follow a few particular threads:

1. That if we wish to move forward we must be willing to release our sense of how we want things to be. This is not negotiable, and the more we resist it, the more we will struggle.
2. I sense a gearing-up within Gaia and the energies surrounding her. I saw the molten giant within the magma layer yesterday, too, Tauno, and that sleeping giant is getting ready to rise.
3. Connections are being made with kindred on many levels and through many venues and mechanisms. This sustains us.

So, what I have found to help me with all this is getting outside and in touch with nature, and also going within.

I wish you all a peaceful afternoon/night, and send you much love!

I found this about 8 November from Oracle Report :

Thursday brings the potential for overwhelm if we try to take on too much responsibility (for tasks, for others and for others’ feelings…) or try to be overly self-sufficient.  The opposite side of the energy is laziness and falling victim to disinterest or martyrdom – believing the world is against us.  The key to dealing with this is the age-old wisdom of balance.  We have to find a balance between taking care of ourselves and others, balance between work and play, and balance between the light and dark sides of our psyches.  Like Wednesday, this energy requires some skill to navigate because it will unbalance people and will unbalance situations.  Stay even-keeled and aim for the center.  Yoga will help immensely if you are teetering.  Balance is the keyword for Thursday.


Openhearted Rebellion

ARCHANGEL INDRIEL.  “Peace, Love And The 11-11.”  By Bella Capozzi.  November 7, 2012.

❤ Dear Souls, it is I, Indriel.  I am your dear friend and protector, and I am most honored to have had the pleasure of guiding you thus far, along your road to Ascension.  I love each and every one of you unabashedly and beyond measure.  Together with the whole of the Angelic Realms, I am filled to overflowing with joy at your unparalleled successes and we are quite beside ourselves;  enthralled, victorious, as another threshold has been crossed.  Indeed, with the re-election of one of your own – a fellow Light Warrior – to the office of President of the United States, you have made a statement and set a precedent.  You have joined as one to show the world that the Light cannot be extinguished.  It cannot be…

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Total Eclipse of the Sun

Nov. 8, 2012:  People from around the world are converging on the coast of northeast Australia.  The attraction isn’t the Great Barrier Reef, just offshore, or the surrounding rain forests full of wildlife and exotic plants. They’re going to see a total eclipse of the sun.

On the morning of Nov. 14th(Australia time), about an hour after sunrise, the Moon will pass directly in front of the sun. Residents and visitors of the city of Cairns, also known as the Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, will enjoy an early morning eclipse lasting 2 minutes with the sun only 14 degrees above the eastern horizon.

Total Eclipse (splash)

Solar eclipses aren’t only pretty, they’re also scientifically valuable. A new ScienceCast video explains how. Play it

NASA eclipse expert Fred Espenak has a rating scheme for natural wonders.  “On a scale of 1 to 10,” he says, “total eclipses are a million.”  Even the reef itself will be momentarily forgotten by onlookers as the Moon’s cool shadow sweeps across the beach and the ghostly tendrils of the solar corona surround the black lunar disk.

But there’s more to this event than tourism. Scientists are attending, too.  For researchers, the brief minutes of totality offer a window into one of the deepest mysteries of solar physics: The mystery of coronal heating.

Auroras Underfoot (signup)

In plain language, they’d like to know why the sun’s outer atmosphere or “corona” is so hot.  The surface temperature of the sun is only 6000 degrees C.  Yet the corona above it is much warmer, a million degrees Celsius or even more.

To understand the physics involved, astronomers have developed instruments called coronagraphs, which block the glare of the sun to reveal the faint corona.  Three spacecraft, SOHO and the twin STEREO probes, currently monitor the solar corona using these devices. But no manmade instrument can match Earth’s natural satellite.  The Moon is nature’s greatest coronagraph.

During an eclipse, “the moon reveals the innermost corona, which manmade coronagraphs have trouble seeing,” explains Shadia Habbal of the Institute for Astronomy in Hawaii.  “That is where all the magnetic field and physical processes responsible for heating the corona are evolving most rapidly.”

Total Eclipse (path of totality, 200px)

On Nov. 13/14, 2012, the path of totality crosses the northeast coast of Australia. Click on the image for viewing times and a map of the entire eclipse path. More

On Nov. 12th, Habbal will be in Palm Cove, Australia, to deliver a keynote speech at a solar physics conference sponsored in part by NASA’s Living with a Star Program.  The title of her talk is “The unique scientific advantages of total solar eclipse observations.”  Two days later, Habbal and her colleagues will be inside the path of totality, monitoring the eclipse with a variety of telescopes and spectrometers at 6 different wavelengths from 2 different sites.

Astronomy professor Jay Pasachoff, chair of the International Astronomical Union’s Working Group on Eclipses will be there, too.  He has observed an astounding 55 solar eclipses.  “The Australia eclipse will be my 56th,” he notes.

Over the years, Pasachoff and colleagues have developed techniques to photograph the corona with a clarity and resolution that coronagraphs on current spacecraft cannot match.  Using these techniques, “we are learning how the wonderfully-detailed structures we see in the corona are shaped by the sun’s magnetic field,” he explains. The shapes vary in a regular way during the sun’s 11-year sunspot cycle. “We can use this information to improve predictions of the next solar cycle.”

That’s a lot of science in two minutes of shadowy darkness.

After totality is over, the moon’s shadow will sweep out across the South Pacific Ocean, tracing a line thousands of miles long across uninhabited waters, reaching almost, but not quite, the coast of South America. Back on the beach, scientists will be taking a first look at their data while tourists starting thinking about breakfast–and snorkeling in the reef.  For all concerned, it’s a great way to begin the day.

For more information about the eclipse, visit NASA’s Solar Eclipse Home Page.
Author: Dr. Tony Phillips| Production editor: Dr. Tony Phillips | Credit: Science@NASA