Openhearted Rebellion

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Dreaming your greatest dreams of Heaven on Earth is the most powerful thing you can do now as we come up on the final time of this shift! In a few days it will be 11/11/12 and tens of thousands of persons will be consciously joining together in this dream, adding their individual part to the collective for manifesting our new reality. So much has happened these past weeks and what I felt may not occur until so much later truly looks to be happening now, as predicted. Please join us for 11/11! Share! Tell your Friends! LOVE!

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Crystal Connection 7 November 2012

Every time I do the meditation, I am for sure this time we are not going to match up… but everything I get the surprise of my life. But there are also elements in the connections that are different and in my opinion the story lines compliment each other. Creating a story that has credibility because of the elements that carries the same message.

I was visualizing golden light around me and visualizing connecting to you all. I saw 3 pyramids stacked behind each other and a white sun/circle was shining above giving the pyramids a weird kinda of lighting. The vision changes and I see the tree of life bearing lotus flowers. I get the message my heart is a Lotus Flower portal. Then it looked like a thousand white butterflies came out of the tree, picked me up and lifted me up in the sky.(Reminded me of the movie “Spiderwick Chronicles” where Arthur Spiderwick has been taken by white butterflies. They drop me at the gates of the light city in the sky, everything looks so brilliant and I feel the yearning home, I feel like crying because I miss it. I see a lot of light beings coming towards me, certainly about 30, making a circle around me and giving me light and love. It felt so great and when I came out of my meditation, I felt like i was floating in the air and so relaxed.

Crystal Meditation Tauno

I saw Native American Chefs and met the Spirit of Grey Eagle, I could see the feathers very near to me, dark brown with red dots and the Spirit of the Eagle was above this chef, he was holding the Pipe of Peace and I was at a gathering of the Chiefs that I met before, the Chief gave me the pipe of peace and I accepted , this way our communication began …I am already sure that they call me Two Feathers and the Chief started with the words ” Many moons from now we were living on Earth….” I heard the name Navaho and I saw a Native American woman that appeared as a vision, I asked about the Lotus and the Lotus Portal we opened, I was told that Lotus is connected with Wisdom and it carries female vibrations and the woman in ash-blue dress I saw yesterday in the void is connected with Lotus, the female force is passive and it gives intentions and the male force is that force which is active and makes things happen. Male and female energies when balanced are making a Divine Oneness and work in synchronicity and that is why the Lotus Portal is so important now when the Heart Chakra of Humanity is opening , this opening goes hand in hand with the raising of our understanding and growth in consciousness

I saw the Inner and surface earth , both were shining and between them in the layer that separates them I saw a Huge Being, a Giant that was moving and stretching muscles as if this Being has been sleeping for ages and now is awake

I saw the Bear , She was watching me and was in the mountain , the Wolf was there too
I saw the same Golden Light of the Sun Portal where me and Lisa went into, the Portal was Human Shaped Portal , Shining very strong and I received ” YOU ARE THE PORTALS”

Note: Oh, yes, I also saw the pyramids, but aether ones all around the world

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Steve Beckow
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Music can be so healing. For me no two songs assist me to make transitions within myself more than Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli’s Time to Say Goodbye and Andrea Boccelli and Marta Sanchez’ Vivo Per Lei [I Live for Her]  It may be true to say that I have listened to these songs more perhaps any other apart from my all-time favorite, Pachelbel’s Canon.

And for me it is indeed time to say goodbye. With the re-election of President Obama, my sense is that we’ve passed the starting gate of the events that can be said to lead in a direct manner to Ascension.

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