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The Frequency of the VOID is Morphing

Note from Wes: Thomas’ writings are always so greatly appreciated, so intelligent and great to read! Much thanks Thomas. 🙂
The frequency of the void is revving high gear with excitement as we draw closer and closer to the finish line, as our internal clocks/barometer continue to sense the reality of what is about to unfold. However, large pockets of fear, doubt and uncertainty looms within certain quarters as to how the end game will coalesce wrt the prevailing prophecies. It is disturbing to know that no one in 3D land has the complete plot – answers to all the questions, the higher-ups quibble as well because this event is a `grand premier` (one of the reasons for the immense diversity in channeled messages).
For a couple of weeks running, Lightworkers have noticed a positive mutation surrounding the Void; the finish line…

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Crystal Connection 5 November 2012

I saw first many blue orbs colliding with each other, then a huge explosion and turning in a big energy ball. I see then again the Lotus Flower rising and it glows a soft orange/ pink color. The scene changes and an eagle soars over Abi-Qor. I am standing now between an encampment of tipi’s looking @ the stars, there is a gathering going on. I see a lady, blue skin color, looks Japanese and looks like she is wearing Japanese clothes. She was smiling @ me. I got the message i will be working on the Lotus (Flower) portal tonight. Then I set my intention to visit the GLS Athabantian and GLS Blaze and with closing I saw Adrial, she looked she was in sparkles.

As usual I looked around on the Internet about the Lotus Flower portal and got this interesting article written for November 2009 :

Archangel Michael: The Opening of the Rose Stargate – 11:11:11
The Energies for November 2009 through Celia Fenn

It is so a remarkable synchronization again. “This Rose, or in the eastern tradition, the Lotus flower, opens to create a portal to Cosmic Consciousness…” for more please follow the link above.

Dear Hearts
I could hardly concentrate and my body feels full of electricity and I can hardly sit and write, I feel strange but I received a quick update.
I meditated concentrating on my third eye. I found myself flying over a mountain – Abi-Qor, it was so beautiful there and I could see the many colors of the mountain. I saw a Being, a woman`s face that seemed to be drawn in the air with smoke or cloud of white/grey color, the woman had a vibration close to the vibration of the Stone woman I saw yesterday in my meditation. I saw some faces in this meditation too and was taken to another realm of Buddhas and I saw meditating Buddha/or a Being with similar vibration and the Being was sitting in an opened Lotus flower – pink and violet Lotus.
I saw quite vividly an Angel, a Beautiful Angel that came to me , this Angel was very kind and caring and I felt as a little child in front of the Angel, mostly female vibrations were in this Being I asked about a message and I received a vision.
A Human was standing on a high rock, beneath there was the abyss and the sea under the rock and a strong Light came from above and the Human Ascended. I received ” You will be saved at the verge of the abyss”
Thank you all! Namaste

Note: WOW, we are about to open the Lotus portal, dear Lisa! I will try too and I also saw the woman, wow
( ( SUN ) )

SaLuSa’s Room

OMG!! Photo of SaLuSa’s Room! – Laura
Posted on November 4, 2012 by Laura

OMG !! OMG!! OMG!! I just found this picture on Gabriel Raio Lunar, who also channels SaLuSa! this is an almost perfect copy of SaLuSa’s room!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS!! WOWOW!!!!

Oh, about SaLuSa’s private quarters should I say he has his own private observation lounge. He also has access to the bridge, but he likes his privacy  He can zoom in with the screens as close as is needed. When it is needed. I was also shown in his quarters, parts of my past lives, and of the akashic records. Those devices are just amazing!

When I started channeling SaLuSa, last year, the closest picture I could find to his room was this one:

Laura Note: We’ve had some people believe this is a real photo, so please note it’s computer graphics from the video game Eve.

Openhearted Rebellion


Dear Ones what a grand assembly of people took place in Sedona, with the coming of the 2012 Scenario Conference. With no hesitation hundreds took off to meet for 3 days, to listen to speakers well known for their dedication to spreading the Light. They were treated to a feast that brought out the love and Light of all concerned, and created a focus for it that spread out all around. It remains as a beacon that calls out to other souls, and signals the intent of raising the vibrations even higher than they were before. It also increases the chance of the first City of Light emerging very shortly. Those dear souls who were involved are true Lightworkers who answered the call to join arms, and bring Ascension to the notice of more people than before.

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Spirit Train Chronicles

(from Leslee)
Greetings, Everyone!

As many of you know, we have felt some recent shifts… I’ve been puzzling over why things seemed to grind to a halt with the Athabantian Ground Crew (and perhaps you were wondering, too).

Of course, my move to Pagosa tossed many things up in the air, but I knew that there was more than that to the pause.

With the arrival of November, my personal experience has been to shift focus back to Inner Earth family, but this morning, I got a nudge that it’s also time to revive the Athabantian gathering, and see where we are.

So, if you’re a Crew member and happen to read this, please comment, and lets re-group!

Here is a brief message from Adrial:

We aboard Athabantian greet you once again, as we wish to advise you of recent efforts in collaboration with our dear friends and family within…

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