Opening Portals: Call out from GLS Blaze

Since last week, when I was doing my meditations, I noticed that a lot of my meditations depicting opening of portals. So I felt that something important was happening and that was confirmed by an article I read about opening of Personal Portals and Planetary Portals. As we now, there are to much synchronizations in information to ignore it. This was an article of Suzanne Lie: Arcturians Ascension Message 27 october 2012. Also as I mentioned in another post (Crystal connection 4 November) I immedaetly connected it with an experience I had months ago. When I was between waking and sleeping I heard someone saying “Gatekeeper”. Even though I could find enough descriptions of what a gatekeeper was but I couldn’t relate it to myself. Now, I do.

Last Friday I was driving home when I noticed the shape of the cloud. It was Blaze visiting me, reminding me …. and suddenly I got a message come true:

“That it was time for me to come up to Blaze, because I had to open the portals.”

Now today, as I was writing my post of the Crystal Connection 4 November, I had again a message coming true.

“ Everyone, who feels attracted to do this, a call from Blaze is coming out. To help with opening, maintaining and manage the portals.”

Love Lisa/Blaze

8 responses to “Opening Portals: Call out from GLS Blaze

  1. Hi maria,
    Welcome aboard. Here are some information what you can do on GLS BLAZE beside opening portals 😀

    We also on Spirit Train Chronicles are organizing weekly dreamflights, I will post the invitation also here on my blog , but you can share your experiences here on . We have a new post for december dreamflights to:

    And if you need more info, there is always someone on Spirit Train Chronicles that can assist. We use Salusa’s posts as a forum.

    Love Lisa

  2. Thanks Lisa!
    I will help with opening the Portals. You are putting the message out there and it is working. My guides are helping me to hear it and I want to be a part of the Blaze. Also I meant 11-30-12 in my last post.:). I was so excited, writing so fast. Anyways, I’m glad to be here and look forward to learning more.

    ❤ Maria

  3. Hi Maria, I am so glad you found what you are looking for. If you feel called to do this are you feel you might want to be a crew member of GLS Blaze, by all means…go ahead for it. Just state your intent to visit GLS Blaze and what you want to do. The password Helix is for to deepen you experience.

    You had an awesome experience, I get this also a lot, they keep on nudging me to write or get out the message. But sometimes you think it is your own imagination but lately I have come to trust it more, thanks to my friends on Spirit Train Chronicles Blog.

    Love Lisa

  4. I noticed strange colored clouds as I was driving into my subdivision yesterday 11-30-11 around 5pm. No big deal I thought, maybe rain coming and rushed around doing errands. Woke up at 3:50am. Not strange cause this happens a lot plus i like to lay there and watch the moon when it’s full. Tried to go back to sleep but the word “portals” kept coming up in my thoughts. Again “opening portals”. Did some googling and found this blog. All I can say is how neat!!! Going to keep reading!

  5. Hi Leslee,
    I am feeling the same way Leslee, I just go with my gut feeling. Maybe that is why I am feeling so exhausted every day. Also the feeling of sadness and crying is with me for days now. Anyway, I can’t wait to return back to were I belong. I think next time I stay on the other side of the veil 😀 . But I must admit, I learned a lot here in 3D and I am really thankful for that.

    Love Lisa

  6. Hi Lisa!…i woke up this morning and i recall a dream that i had: the dream was seeing the sky with some clouds…i heard ” a tear/rip is in the air”…then i saw an opening in the sky…it was full of shining Light

    i don’t know what this dream really means…the photo that Ya have above for this post, prompted me to share…Much Regards

  7. Thank you, Lisa! As I said in an email, I’ll repeat here for others… I feel the same energy for you, that this is your role (and for others too), and I’m very grateful, since I have been using these portals, and this has allowed me connect much more closely with Mikos, Iltheos, and other family members! I can’t describe how beautiful this is… It’s as if connections that have been on hold for DECADES are finally accessible. So to everyone, thank you, thank you, thank you! 😀

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