Opening Portals: Call out from GLS Blaze

Since last week, when I was doing my meditations, I noticed that a lot of my meditations depicting opening of portals. So I felt that something important was happening and that was confirmed by an article I read about opening of Personal Portals and Planetary Portals. As we now, there are to much synchronizations in information to ignore it. This was an article of Suzanne Lie: Arcturians Ascension Message 27 october 2012. Also as I mentioned in another post (Crystal connection 4 November) I immedaetly connected it with an experience I had months ago. When I was between waking and sleeping I heard someone saying “Gatekeeper”. Even though I could find enough descriptions of what a gatekeeper was but I couldn’t relate it to myself. Now, I do.

Last Friday I was driving home when I noticed the shape of the cloud. It was Blaze visiting me, reminding me …. and suddenly I got a message come true:

“That it was time for me to come up to Blaze, because I had to open the portals.”

Now today, as I was writing my post of the Crystal Connection 4 November, I had again a message coming true.

“ Everyone, who feels attracted to do this, a call from Blaze is coming out. To help with opening, maintaining and manage the portals.”

Love Lisa/Blaze

Spirit Train Chronicles

SaLuSa 5-November-2012

Dear Ones what a grand assembly of people took place in Sedona, with the coming of the 2012 Scenario Conference. With no hesitation hundreds took off to meet for 3 days, to listen to speakers well known for their dedication to spreading the Light. They were treated to a feast that brought out the love and Light of all concerned, and created a focus for it that spread out all around. It remains as a beacon that calls out to other souls, and signals the intent of raising the vibrations even higher than they were before. It also increases the chance of the first City of Light emerging very shortly. Those dear souls who were involved are true Lightworkers who answered the call to join arms, and bring Ascension to the notice of more people than before.

We watched the Light growing not just from above, and our…

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Crystal Connection 4 November 2012

Since a few days I had a hard time to concentrate and also circumstances that didn’t allow me to do this. Last night it was the same, but I tried anyway to get following meditation:

When I started the meditation, my eyes were closed, but as nothing happened I opened my eyes and I was seeing with my third eye. Above me I saw vortex opening in front of me. Then I was standing in front of a Mayan Pyramid and I was wielding the power of the portals. Got the message again to go to Blaze and work on the energy portals from/too Gaia.

When I was done with the meditation and relaxing and got another image coming through. I saw was flying above a tropical forest and I saw a black hole in the middle of the green trees, that looked like an eye. I was connecting with Gaia through this cave/black hole/portal.

Now I knew which cave this was but I didn’t know the name or where it was situated. Oh boy… didn’t know when I found it, would provide so much information. Anyway, I already decided that I write a new post, with every new meditation.

Also there so much synchronizations with my other friends/soul travelers …. that is why I wanted to mention them also. Because of the Portals.

This is what I found out on the internet about the vision I got about the cave/black hole in the middle of the forest.

cave of swallows

The Cave of Swallows, located San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I want to mention, that earlier on the day (actually in the morning) , I saw a cloud that looked like a some kind of bird but it had a swallow tale.

So I looked a little deeper, following a trail and looked up the spiritual meaning of a swallow.

Swallow teaches the power of objectivity, community fellowship, and communications in a group environment. He can teach discernment and proper actions to avoid threats with tenacity, style and class. Swallow shows how to think quickly, react appropriately and use the power of thoughts to manifest ideals. This animal will aid in your in own nesting instincts to create something from nothing. Ingenuity, determination and innate skills will help capture what is necessary for you to succeed. Swallows are masters of the air and will show how to move with utmost grace with agility and style. Are you moving with the flow of thoughts and ideals? Are you working in cooperation with others? Swallow shows how love and communication paired with trust can do the most good. It is time to renew the environment around you and ride the favorable air currents and tailwinds to stay above anything that comes your way
Still not convinced ……?

San Luis Potosi has also a nickname, they call it “City of Gardens.” With some prodding, I also discover this little gem: Xilitla, in San Luis Potosi.

And to close with, the crystals that are found in this area. The calcite on Quartz. This is a fascinating specimen of multiple generations of growths. A druse of sparkling white quartz has pseudomorphed what once was danburite crystals, to 6 cm in length. Perched aesthetically on the quartz are three beautifully formed scalenohedrons of lustrous and translucent, white calcite, the longest of which is 4 cm . The quartz druse fluoresces a dull orange while the calcite crystals fluoresce a bright orange.

Crystal Connection Tauno

I asked my Guides to give me protection and a message: I found myself in a snowy mountain watching the tops from above, it was a glorious sight, I saw the Wolf there, then the polar Bear lying on Her back with legs up, the bear was calm and was relaxing on the snow.

I had a vision of meditating people forming a circle and holding hands
I saw the rays of the SUN , they were coming from a portal, we went through this portal with Lisa in one of my previous meditations, this time at the portal there was an Angel, I felt AA Michael`s energy and asked Him to give us a message, He was AA Michael and Jeshua at times, I saw a tree that was alive, the tree had eyes, nose, mouth with teeth and I could communicate with it telepathically I saw a portal in a cave, the light was golden, beige, brown and I entered in, I felt that I was visiting an astral realm of the dead ones, I saw many Souls there, they were not moving and stood as statues – mummies, an ancient queen, warriors, I felt I was watching all my previous incarnated facets, the crystal turned and with every turn I stepped one step higher and was watching the next incarnations on the linear scale of time, up and up and up with each turning of the crystal till I reached the current Earth`s surface, I could see the sky above me and there was no step higher , only the Space above, I went out of the cycle of rebirth and felt free, the earth shifted and Shined, I saw the Light beams from the Earth towards the Space.
Note: I forgot to mention the vision of rocks -Beings, one of the rocks was with covered eyes and it was a beautiful woman and she was smiling as if She knew that something wonderful is ahead although her eyes were covered.

Crystal Connection Leslee
I went inside and looked as well. We had been talking with Iltheos, and about out Arcturian friends. I had been given a connection by Tashina, and felt there was another connection being made.
I saw the golden pyramid, with the lilac-colored light of Arcturus surrounding it. Near the top was an “eye”, which to me appeared more as circle with blue shutters (somewhat like those of a camera) which opened as my vision approached nearer to it. As it opened, golden and white light poured out, and it was as if I was floating into the portal, in the heaven, between two layers of beautiful fluffy white clouds. These were much like the clouds that Tashina had shown me, and I realized that this is a portal to connect with Arcturus and our friends there… It was my path home!
It was incredibly beautiful and familiar, and I hope to remember to use this portal as I am meditating or falling asleep. It feels like it is an express route!

Crystal Connection Konstantinos
Iltheos showed me a gold pyramid. The space behind the pyramid had a violet color. He told me to imagine a big eye with a light blue iris.The eye would be on the pyramid’s centre. He told me to not connect it with the NWO. Like svastika or other things, the symbolism of the eye of the great architect has been used for not so good intentions too. Anyway, he told me to focus to the white dot of the iris…the iris had a lilac color. I felt a very huge turbulent energy transmission…my whole body was shaken and instantly, after some seconds, I got up. This was a taste of my Light body. The eye is a portal for Arcturus, but this method can also be used for the connection with other worlds, because I have learned that Arcturians are responsible for the construction of ethereal portals that lead to other dimensions and worlds. Iltheos confirms that (-_-).
As to close of, I want to mention the portals I am seeing in those latest meditations and messages I get. I also tie it together with the word “gatekeeper” that I heard loud and clearly a few months ago and then didn’t know what to do with it. Now it becomes clear with the meditations. As for the messages, I feel like I have to create a new post for it.
In closing, a beautiful message from Leslee about the portals in this crystal connection.

Dear Lisa,
Sending you lots of love and light and wishes for strong healing!
I’m including Konstantinos on this, because as he and I were Skyping last night, Iltheos asked him to visualize a golden pyramid with violet light and an eye, and within the eye is a portal! I saw it too, and I understand for it to be a way to connect with our star family and visit. So, your work is successful, and what you are seeing is the portals you are opening! They are very powerful, so please be encouraged! I love you very much, dear sister! Rest as much as you need to and are able. love, Leslee.