Openhearted Rebellion



Good morning.  We will now discuss your growing feeling of impending change.  In this you are perfectly correct.  And you look around yourselves trying to spot the first manifestations of it, do you not?

We hear your question almost constantly, “When?  When?”  Yet we tell you almost as often that it is occurring now.  There are signs all around you, yes.  But the feeling you are having only concerns them in the most minor way.

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The Small World Syndrome

Firelight’s Flickering Caress

Rebirth of the new year,

and all that I hold dear.

Sunlight kissing pale green leaves,

stirring youthful memories.

Dear friend…towards which

dreams like stars shall we


What fresh adventures approach upon

the wings of tomorrow?

What joys….

What sorrows….

How swift the noon of life

like summer comes.

Till sunset, and the firelight’s

flickering caress finds us in the

arms of our loved ones.


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