Recruitment Ground Crew for GLS Blaze

Recruitment Ground Crew for GLS Blaze

As also announced by Leslee that it was time to do some recruitment for GLS Blaze.

Information from Leslee:

“Both ships, OcaTAwa and Athabantian are Motherships. The ships Algiz, Tulya, Blaze and Athena are four closely related ships that work between them. The sun is actually a stargate AND a lens of sorts, Athabantian operates much like a lens, and the “lens artefact orbs” that some of us find in our pics are refractions from Athabantian.

Atha is directly in line between us & the sun, which is why we cannot see her. There is a straight line between OcaTAwa, the sun, Athabantian, Gaia, and the Inner location of OcaTAwa. The 4 smaller ships move around more. There are other clusters of smaller ships that work together, and with Atha & Oca. These will emerge later, or perhaps through other people… “

The mission of GLS Blaze

As for the mission here on Blaze, there is only one mission. We all have a desire to help out Mother Gaia in anyway we can. The mission is to expand our creativity and create creative solutions to help Mother Earth and the people of Earth. Of course to get the creativity flowing you can relax in our relaxing/fun rooms. You have also access to our library about creativity or you can make use of our holodeks or holo-labs so that you can see your creativity in action. These solutions will be shared with other members of the ships so that they can be used in anyway they and we see fit.

As for the guidelines, you can check up the guidelines on Recruitment and crew.

You can contact me through the contact form if you wish to be a ground crew member of the GLS Blaze

TAUK Messages


From Suzanne:I am sharing a post from my friend, Angelic View  It is a NDE ~ Near Death Experience ~ of a woman who committed suicide but came back to share, as best as she could, what her experience in passing was like. I hope that by sharing these events with you, who have lost a loved one to suicide or any means of physical departure, you can have a peace of heart and mind that all is well, they are well and no one truly dies. 

Some of you may know my father, Ron, chose to end his life in 1991. When TAUK first manifested I had no idea what TAUK was or that I would teach people all over the globe to connect to their loved ones, angels, guides, High Selves and God. All I knew in those first few days was I had a connection again…

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