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Astria Of Electra. ~ Akashic Overlays, Human Warriors And The Joys Of 5th Dimensional Form. By, AuroRa Le. July 22, 2012.

♒ It is my wish this day to speak with you about the physical Human form and it’s changability, as Gaia moves farther along in her evolutionary cycle. I must tell you, I mean to generalize here. As well you know, the billions upon billions of individual souls inhabiting the Earth are a diverse lot. More diverse now, in fact, than at any other juncture in her long and colorful history. While all may appear uniform on the outside-allowing for insignificant variations in color, shape and size-what lies within is anything but uniform at all.

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Up 2 The 5th

Image from a dream of seeing Abi-Qor (Institute of Light)…

I sent this image to Mark Kimmel during the week, and he has requested more detailed images, and renderings to be shared during the Transformation 2012 Conference in Pagosa Springs, Colorado (August 16-18, 2012).

I’m thrilled to see that each time I “check in”, I’m given more pieces of this exquisitely beautiful place that we are all manifesting… What we see here is jsut a small part of the entire complex. Currently, Abi-Qor exists primarily in 5D… But as we visualize and believe and lend our wishes and energy towards manifestation, She becomes more and more real…

The view is taken as if looking down onto Abi-Qor from a mountain road above.

In the center of the view is a pool, which holds space for a vortex that interweaves space and time. The surface of the pool is where Athabantian…

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