My journey continues….

Recently I had the pleasure to have another free channelling from Wes Annac, again I gained another piece of knowledge about myself and getting higher on the spiritual ladder. A lot happened lately and when I look back ,I see that I made a huge spiritual forward movement, only to be confirmed by my Higher Self and my guides.

It is a rewarding journey, I am so happy I took that path 3 years ago, even though I had spiritual experiences from when I was 7 years old. Can you believe that when I was very young and for the first time I was consciousness that I was dreaming, I still remember that very first dream in detail. By surfing the internet 3 years ago, I wasn’t looking for any material about UFO’s, aliens, Ascension (didn’t know about that then)….but when I opened the website where this particular article was situated, I came onto the website of From then, my interests took a flight.

I share bits of the channelling that Wes Annac provided me so kindly.

Wes: I would now like all of Lisa’s guides who are with her and me to state your names:

I AM Sabiene

I AM Jeshua

I AM Coraline

I AM Master Harmon:

 [deleted part]

 “You came here (to Earth) from a very advanced realm with your spirit guide sister Sabiene. It was agreed by you two that you would incarnate on Earth and do much of the harder work while Sabiene watched over you from the Heavenly realms.”

 [deleted part]

 “You did not stick around for Atlantis to be destroyed, instead you and your sister Sabiene went together to a planet in the Andromedan realm where you sought solace before you decided to enter the lower realms of Earth. “

 [deleted part]

 “Wes: Sister Sabiene, I believe you would now like to talk with Lisa personally.

Sabiene: Hello dearest Lisa, my bonded twin flame and close friend. “

 [deleted part]

 “Indeed I have helped you with healing, and in fact the methods of healing I have showed you are actually advanced healing methods you were teaching me back in Atlantis. You were showing me in Atlantis the immense power that heavenly plants can have over our being. You were showing me how to bond, how to connect with the energy of the plants and use their wonderful energy for a healing advantage. You were and still are very wise in those respects Lisa, and even to this very moment I look up to you immensely and thank you for all you have taught me. “

 [deleted part]

 “You were a scientist, botanist, gardener, and harnesser of the advanced energy of plants that few knew about. This was in your first Life in Atlantis. Throughout the next few Lives of ours, you taught me more and more about the Divine souls that are plants, and you helped me grow to a point where I am now able to take those advanced healing methods I learned from you and teach them to others.

 [deleted part]

 “Thank you for all that you do dearest Lisa, sister of mine, I will be seeing you in person again so very soon. “

 Wes: Thank you to Lisa’s Ascended Masters and Guides, especially Sister Sabiene. Much Love, Wes Annac

 As I find out bits a pieces about myself, I feel getting whole again of who I was/am.  And if the information that is being given is true, because you feel it in you heart, YOU KNOW!!! If you know what I mean.

That is why in my opinion, that every bit of information that is out there, is in a certain way true. There is no wrong or right information; it is all about what information resonates with you and which level of consciousness you are on. Also about information that is given about events and don’t come true…it is not because it didn’t come true…that it must be wrong information, a hoax…no it means that we went on a different timeline where it didn’t happen and in another it did happen. Think about the choices you make, if I didn’t choose to go to South-Africa, I would never had met my husband and had children. But I choose this but maybe in another timeline, there is me… living a life in Belgium and have different kind of life. It is like you say sometimes…what would it be like if I didn’t choose this path? Think about that!

Before I go I wanted to share some experiences from my spiritual diary… that I had these Holidays…

I start with 18 December where I had the feeling as if my room went smaller and smaller, like it was falling down on me… I had that same experience again on 27th.

Then on Wednesday, 21st I felt so lost and I couldn’t remember what I must do to feel good again. Felt like lost in the Universe. The feeling dissipated only the next day in the afternoon. But on the 22nd, I was freaking out and couldn’t sit still. Like I was overcharged.

Then on the 24th I had a dream that a double ring around the sun would give problems (this is only a part of my dream) and it went dark. Then 1000’s of alien ships materialized in front of me, in different shapes.

Then on the 27th I dreamt again about alien ships and that I of those ships took me. After that I had memory loss in my dream. Then I transformed into a lighter being, shining lighter and lighter and I could to some magic tricks. And today I also dreamt about an UFO coming.

Anyway I know have the feeling of anticipation…is disclosure near?

Wish you all happy holidays and hope a wish come true…

Namaste Lisa,

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