My 11.11.11 experiences and after (continuation)

It has been busy days lately….a lot is going on…

Last week, on Tuesday in the evening there was a terrible thunderstorm and lightening.
When I went to sleep, everything quiet down.

I think I was half asleep/awake and got the impression that I got a lot of information downloaded  from the ET’s. Then I fell asleep and then suddenly I woke up because a pure white inner-lightening bolt struck my Heart-Chakra. The time was 23u45. After that I felt buzzing through my whole body, especially my heart area and my hands.

After that I got some lovely reactions from my fellow lightworkers on what happened to me.

Tauno said : It is not unusual, dear Lisa, our heart chakra is opening, maybe you are embodying the new energy this way, I also had a similar experience . I hope your case is not a medical one, if this continues, you should see a doctor. Love and Light!

John said : Hey there Wolfke… Welcome back…

That was an upgrade… What was upgraded, only you and the Galactics know. Everyone has a different experience, but sometimes they are kinda close. Don’t sweat it. It’s a good thing. It was intense because it was likely something major that you really should have dealt with on your own, thus making the change gently, rather than like a kick in the head.

Pay attention to what has changed in you in the coming days… Something will seem different. Like I said, nobody but you and the folks up there (who can see these changes differently than we) know.

Sing, dance and run around in the sunshine… it’s all good.

Babajij said : ….WoW, Wolfke!!…Sounds Divine!…Like Your Heart Portal has Been EnRiched & EnHanced…(believe it or not,it Is Something that I Would Like to Experience)…An Inner Bolt of Lightening Blessing…a Real Healing!…Congrats!!!… 🙂

Suzanne: Dear Lisa, You likely had a major opening of your Heart Chakra. Now it will time some time to integrate your higher experiences. Congratulations, sue

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