My 11.11.11 experiences and after

Even though I had to work on 11.11.11 I had some amazing experiences. Starting when I woke up I noticed that the moon was very low and I could see it from my bed. Because I more a moon person , I felt the energy coming through the window. I had to be at work at 6 , so I came out of bed at 5 am. Because I joined the 11 Eleven project , I stopped by the Jacaranda tree, see my story on my project. Finally at work I got my breakfast and listen to mp3 from Tom Kenyon : the pituitary dimensional attunement. I really got space and decided to ground my self through Gaia and took my rubber shoes off. I went home early and at home I made some other pictures and stood with my bare feet on the Gaia’s earth. I felt the energy coming through my feet, my feet were all tingling. I felt also the energy in the air. I also played with my daughter Sarah in the garden, she was so happy. It was an awesome day. Then during the night I felt I got a download and it lasted very long. I just went with it. Loved every second of it. (I will update this post now and then)

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